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Chat commands list

Post by Raiden on March 8th 2013, 4:37 pm

Chat Commands List
Here is a list of commands on the chatbox and how to use them.

/mod (Username) Makes the user which is said a chatbox moderator.
/unmod (Username) Takes away the chatbox moderator powers from the said user.

Do NOT use if you are not a site Administrator, you will receive a Chat Ban.

Chat Moderators
/kick (Username) Dissconnects the said user from the chatbox (Note: This will not prevent the user from re-joining)
/ban (Username) Bans the said user from the chatbox.
/unban (Username) Unbans the said user and allows that user to use the chatbox.
/banlist Shows a list of all the banned members.
/cls Clears all the messages from the talkpage.
/clear Does the same as /cls

Do NOT use if you are not a ChatMod rank or higher, You will receive a Chat ban

All Users
/abs (Optional: Reason) Shows that you are away so other users will know where you are.
/exit (Optional: Message) disconnects your self from the chatbox and displays a message.
/me (Your action) Displays your username and shows that you are performing an action, not just saying something, such as: *Guest jumps off a cliff*


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